Battery covers


Our battery covers have been used for lithium thionyl chloride and thermal batteries for more than 30 years. These Li-SOCl2 batteries provide an extremely reliable power source.

To be able to counteract the aggressive materials in this area of application, Electrovac developed processes for manufacturing of battery covers with special types of high-quality glass. This guarantees an extremely low discharge rate and a temperature range from -65°C to +150°C. These quality products have a lifetime of up to 25 years.

We manufacture hermetic seals with steel as well as stainless steel covers in a variety of sizes, such as AA, C, D, DD and many more. Whether in mass production or in small quantity ranges for special projects (e.g. thermal batteries) – Electrovac provides flexibility and quality.

Glass feedthroughs for lithium thionyl chloride batteries serve as a long-lasting energy source for the following sample applications:




> tire pressure control
> engine control
> brake control


> electricity, gas, water meters
> automatic remote reading
> beacons
> buoys
> oil drilling
> electronic toll collection
> truck and container tracking
> radio alarm systems