Sensor packages


Electrovac is a global leader in hermetic packages for pressure, temperature, flow, humidity and level sensors.

Our sensor packages provide long-lasting protection for high-precision sensors against aggressive substances, high pressure and major temperature fluctuations.

The materials used (various stainless steel, kovar or titanium) are hermetically sealed with our special glasses.

In addition to glass-to-metal sealing and finishes (nickel and gold plating) the development and production of the glasses and the metal parts (machined or as stamped parts) are among our core competencies.

Our sensor packages can be used for precise sensor applications, with pressures up to 3000 bar and temperature ranges from -65°C to 300°C.

Along with our partners we are constantly developing processes for new design variants for the most demanding application requirements.

We produce complicated special sensor packages ranging from small quantities for the aerospace industry, for example, to highly automated series production volumes for the automobile industry. We thus set ourselves apart significantly from the competition not only by our product range but also by our product depth.

Additionally, Electrovac offers cable assembly upon request.

Unsere Glasdurchführungen werden in folgenden Bereichen verwendet:


  • injection pressure control
  • engine test benches
  • gas pressure monitoring
  • exhaust gas pressure measurement


  • refrigeration (oil pressure differential, level monitoring of pressure containers and much more)
  • chemistry, petrochemistry
  • oil, gas (oil platforms, refineries, gas lines, oil and gas pipelines, oil and gas tankers and much more)
  • technical gases (liquid gas tanks, gas outlet systems and much more)
  • renewable energies (wind power, water power, solar thermal, geothermal, photovoltaics and much more)
  • high pressure control
  • mechanical engineering (compressors, test benches, tool and die machines, pumps, hydraulics and much more)
  • diving robots
  • water, wastewater
  • heating, air-conditioning, ventilation (air-conditioning, solar systems, heat pumps and much more)
  • shipbuilding
  • liquid level measurement


  • hydraulic oil pressure
  • altitude and position measurement
  • fuel pump
  • cabin pressure
  • air flow measurement

Medical technology

  • pressure monitoring for oxygen tanks
  • gas control
  • joints and prosthetic limbs
  • pressure control for autoclaves: sterilization
  • blood pressure measurement